Should you repair or buy a new computer?

When you encounter any problem with you computer, you often find it hard to decide whether you should repair it or buy a new one instead. Here are some tips that will help you decide whether you should repair your computer or buy a new one.



The basic cost of a computer is about $300, and that of a laptop is $500. If the repair costs $300 or more, then most people consider buying a new computer instead of repairing. But there are some hidden costs in buying a new computer. For example, if you need to remove viruses from your system and you choose to buy a new computer instead of fixing the old one. Then you have to transfer the files from your old computer to your new one and while doing so you can move the infected files in your old PC to your new PC. After buying the new computer, you will have to install all the important software again. If you don’t have the activation code of those software that you installed in your previous computer, then you will have to buy new software. Also, cheaper computers may not have the components you want; for example, touch screen or optical drive. Consider these features before you think of buying a new computer.

Life span


The average lifespan of any computer is usually 5 years and that of a laptop is 3-4 years. If you haven’t upgraded your computer for four years and now require a major hardware repair, then you should buy a new one. This is because the repair cost is more likely to be higher than the cost of a new computer.

Considering these factors, you should decide whether you should repair your old computer or get a new one. You should choose the option that will be best for you in terms of cost and functionality.