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4 tips on backing up and saving your data

As we now have to deal with lots of data everyday, it has become necessary to have backups of these data so that we can recover data if there is any situation where you might lose data. Data is very important for us and our business. Losing valuable company data may cost you lots of money in the long run. So, creating backups of your data is crucial. Here are some tips on backing up and saving your data.

Save backups in a different place

The default setting of creating data backups tells that backups are saved on the same server or computer. If your server crashes, for example, you will lose both your original data and the backups. So, it’s better to have your backups in a remote server.

Create redundant backup

You should have more than one backup in place. This will protect your data from any unforeseeable event. You can consider having one backup in your cloud storage.

Backup more than once daily

Automatic backups take place once a day. But it is safe to take more than one backup every day. This way, your chance of losing data reduces.

Test your backups

Test your data in order to make sure that your backups are in place and you haven’t forgotten to take backups of any particular file.

Your data is never too safe. You should practice taking data backups regularly. You should have a strict backup policy in place to make sure that in case you lose data, you will be able to recover them from your backups.



How much does a computer repair cost

We understand that it can be very stressful if your computer stops working. In such case, you need to take your computer to a specialist. Because of the complex nature of computers, you can face some problems occasionally. You need to have some idea about the cost of repairs.

Different computer repair shops charge differently for their service. If you go to a repair shop, they will charge you on average £35 – £65 just to look at your computer and analyze the problem. Then they recommend a solution. The price of the repair service they quote depends on a number of factors.


The repair cost greatly depemnds on the location of the shop. Stores in city centers will charge you more than those stores in the outskirts of the city.


If there are more repair shops around, then whichever shop you go will offer you lower repair rate. This they do to get customers, as the competition is high.


If you have done repair works with the shop before, then they will charge you lower when you go to them next time. As the relationship builds, your rates become more affordable.


If the technician is an expert then he will charge more than someone who is not so experienced. But it is always advisable to go to an expert, even if they charge a higher rate.

Type of problem

The repair cost depends on the kind of problem you have. If the problem is serious, then your repair cost will be higher.

Before you take your computer to a repair shop, you should visit a couple of shops and check their prices. Choose the shop that you think will provide good quality service at an affordable price.

Should you repair or buy a new computer?

When you encounter any problem with you computer, you often find it hard to decide whether you should repair it or buy a new one instead. Here are some tips that will help you decide whether you should repair your computer or buy a new one.



The basic cost of a computer is about $300, and that of a laptop is $500. If the repair costs $300 or more, then most people consider buying a new computer instead of repairing. But there are some hidden costs in buying a new computer. For example, if you need to remove viruses from your system and you choose to buy a new computer instead of fixing the old one. Then you have to transfer the files from your old computer to your new one and while doing so you can move the infected files in your old PC to your new PC. After buying the new computer, you will have to install all the important software again. If you don’t have the activation code of those software that you installed in your previous computer, then you will have to buy new software. Also, cheaper computers may not have the components you want; for example, touch screen or optical drive. Consider these features before you think of buying a new computer.

Life span


The average lifespan of any computer is usually 5 years and that of a laptop is 3-4 years. If you haven’t upgraded your computer for four years and now require a major hardware repair, then you should buy a new one. This is because the repair cost is more likely to be higher than the cost of a new computer.

Considering these factors, you should decide whether you should repair your old computer or get a new one. You should choose the option that will be best for you in terms of cost and functionality.